By: Benjamin King

The TELL ALL Spotlight series is a new on-going series, where I will interview young entrepreneurs that are accomplishing big things within their industries. From the automotive industry to redefining the way we make deep connections with each other, these are professionals leading the charge, and I’m going to get them to tell me about it.

Meet Stacey Erikson. Founder and CEO of the new companion connection social platform, iConfidant.

Stacey! How are you?

Hi, Benjamin. Thanks for having me.

Absolutely. So tell us about iConfidant!

Ok, in the initial incarnation of iConfidant, it was about finding love. Beyond the complications we had, we struggled to differentiate iConfidant in a space that was already heavily populated. How does one do something new in the dense world of dating apps? After the temporary shutdown of iConfidant, I really took the time to find myself more and to really understand what we as humans are looking for. Like so many, I saw a therapist, and while at first I was skeptical, I quickly realized how important that relationship could be. I found my confidant.

What is a confidant to you?

A confidant is a person that understands you at the deepest level. Within each of us, there are parts that can be scary. In most cases, we don’t feel comfortable sharing certain parts of ourselves with the people closest to us, because we fear what they will think. So then we live as characters, hide urges, and try to blend in. A confidant is a person that will get you. That will understand the secrets you tell them.

That’s really interesting. Almost like finding a best friend?

I hope it’s a little more important than that.

So, you mentioned complications in the past? What do you mean?

Umm, I find it best at this time to focus on the future. I’ll be formally re-launching the site soon, and I don’t want to weigh on the past. There were complications, but we strive every day to regain the trust of our followers and ensure that iConfidant is here to remain as a service to those in need.

Why re-launch now?

We’ve been planning this re-launch over the last year. It was very important for me to share what I learned during my introspective time. I want people to find the same connection that I found in my life. Now, with the current world events, humanity has never before found itself in a place in time where the world has stopped completely. People are locked away with their families, some are quarantined alone, some with people they don’t even like. So it feels like now more than ever, in this time of growth, that people need to find their confidant.

That sounds great! How do we sign up?

Well, we are re-launching in a beta stage. Our website will be live soon and anyone can apply. Unfortunately, since it is beta stage, we will only be accepting a small number of applicants in this first round, to test and improve the platform, but we do guarantee that everyone who applies will be able to benefit from our service in the near future.

Ok, to wrap this up, tell us one fun fact about your personal life!

Umm, I’d rather not. This business is my personal life now.

Alright, well, it was a pleasure, Stacey. 


*This interview has been copied with the permission of the publisher and writer.

Stacey Erikson

Founder / CEO @IConfidant

Stacey received her Master's of Science in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master's in Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  Stacey launched her career as a managing consultant for the "The Works", an investment and consulting firm focused on consumer startups. Two years later, she ventured out on her own to start iConfidant, a new venture set to be the next step in personalized technology.